Frequently Asked Questions
During digital learning last year, I purchased device(s) for my student. Why can’t they use what they have?

When students are using different devices, we no longer have the continuity that allows collaboration between the student, the teacher and fellow students. Additionally, the school devices are equipped with the same applications, and school IT support.

How will my student receive their device? What happens at the end of the school year?

Each student will be assigned a MacBook Air at the beginning of the school year. It is expected that the laptop will last through a students’ four years at VCHS. At the end of the school year, the device will be checked in with the SSMO Ministries campus IT team.

Each MacBook is assigned to individual students with identifiable information specific to each student. Students shall not let family or friends borrow their laptop computer.

Valley Catholic School will own the managed Apple IDs provided to students and distribute the computers along with licensed software, taking advantage of bulk hardware purchases as well as non-profit educational software licensing opportunities. Families pay an annual Technology Fee of $300 for the use of a computer during each of the student’s four years at Valley Catholic High School.

What happens if this device is broken or lost?

We wouldn’t charge a student to repair a faulty machine or a substandard repair. For lost or stolen devices, we will need the device returned or a copy of the police report describing the loss. The replacement is half the cost of a similar new MacBook. If a student loses a second MacBook, the cost of replacement for damage, loss and/or theft is full price of a brand-new device.

How do we keep the students focused on learning when using the device?

As “Virtual Valiants” we expect student conduct online to live up to the off-line standards we embrace as a community.

We will train students to use the MacBook responsibly, ethically and productively. Parents will be vital partners. Responsible internet, social media, and device usage is important and addressed throughout a student’s educational journey at Valley Catholic. As a community, we will work together as parents, teachers and peers to help demonstrate and encourage healthy digital habits and behaviors.

Is there financial assistance available for the fee associated with this program?

Yes. Valley Catholic School is committed to helping all of our students thrive regardless of a family’s financial situation. Please contact our finance office to discuss how to access assistance.