English Department Chair and Math Teacher | Paul Caballero ’10 returns to the Valley Catholic Middle School community as the English Department head and mathematics teacher. Paul teaches two math courses, Sixth-grade Math and Seventh-grade Pre-Algebra, as well as three sections of English, Sixth- Grade English, Seventh-grade English, and Eighth-grade English. Paul is a returning alumnus to the Valley Catholic Community, attending Valley Catholic K-12 and graduating from VCHS in 2010. He continued his education at Gonzaga University, where he received his bachelor’s degree in secondary education and English literature in the spring of 2014. While studying at Gonzaga, his coursework included mathematics courses as well as training in secondary education academic subjects. He is very passionate about working with students across all age groups, and feels privileged to work with a handful of VCMS teachers who first inspired him to pursue his teaching career. Outside the classroom, Paul enjoys reading, hiking, playing and watching soccer, and spending time with family and friends.

Email: [email protected]