A Letter from the VCMS Principal – September 2022

Dear VCMS Parents,

Our curriculum and school practices are reviewed on a yearly basis, but every six years we engage in an in-depth process known as accreditation. Valley Catholic Middle and High Schools are accredited through Cognia. This year is our self-study and accreditation year. 

For VCMS, the renewal of our school’s STEM certification is part of the accreditation process. This means the staff and I will be looking into our programs to help ensure we are providing a culture of continuous improvement.

During this process, we will ask for your feedback. One required component of the accreditation process is the completion of student, parent and teacher surveys. The first survey will be sent via email during conferences. 

While the culture of continuous improvement should never stop, the formal accreditation visit for both the middle and high school is in the spring. This is an exciting time. A time where we get to see the fruits of our work as well as look at the future growth of our programs.

Jennifer Gfroerer