A Letter from the VCMS Principal – November 2021

Dear VCMS Families,

Valley Catholic Middle School is excited to be back to in-person learning. We are constantly looking for ways VCMS can provide the same rich educational experiences, within the limitations of COVID restrictions. One example is Outdoor School, which we could not provide last year. Unfortunately, staying overnight in cabins is still not possible this year.

On Wednesday, Oct. 27, VCMS transported the entire middle school to Camp Howard for an extended day field trip. The Camp Howard staff joined with the VCMS staff to provide the students a day of fellowship, retreat, and service. Camp Howard was large enough to allow for social distancing while providing opportunities for students to revisit their friendships and develop new ones with classmates with whom they may not typically have an opportunity to spend time.

We were so blessed with a rain free day and are grateful for the excitement, enthusiasm and connections the day provided. The good weather allowed staff and students to spend the day together outdoors in a beautiful natural environment, while connecting more deeply with one another. This simple act of disengaging from the day-to-day coursework was rejuvenating and much appreciated by the students and staff, as reported by those in attendance.

As we move into the Thanksgiving holiday, we will be asking VCMS families to join us in an “electronics ban” for Thanksgiving Day. During the next few weeks, the eighth-grade students will be exposed to the content of the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, and we highly encourage all middle school families to watch the documentary and discuss the content as a family. The premise of this documentary is that technology – social media, email, and the devices we carry with us nearly all the time – can become addictive, and disconnect us from our personal relationships with others. VCMS is encouraging students and staff to put their phones away on Thanksgiving Day, and replace social media with quality time spent as a family.  We encourage you to join us by supporting this endeavor.

Whatever your decision, we wish you all a safe and blessed Thanksgiving and know you are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Jennifer Gfroerer
VCMS Principal