We have been blessed by so many warm and dry days over the past few weeks. The nice weather has allowed for much more enjoyable Wednesday activity days as staff and students have been able to get off Zoom and go outside for a much needed mid-day break. This simple act of disengaging for a few minutes has been rejuvenating and much appreciated by the students and staff, as reported in the most recent student check-in survey.

As we move into the holidays, I wanted to take a moment to share my appreciation in being a part of the Valley Catholic Community. Since last March, so many life events have occurred for students, parents, and staff. Many people have shared stories of great sadness, grief and loss coupled with people sharing stories full of hope and blessings. It would be so easy to fall into a darkness when faced with hearing of job loss, life-changing medical events, or the death of a loved one. Yet we are blessed to live in a place that actively looks for God’s hands being active in that darkness – case in point is celebrating new marriages, the birth of a child, or hearing about a medical miracle. I cannot imagine working in a school where I could not openly pray for those who are struggling or give praise for those blessings that come to our community.

So thank you all for being a part of Valley Catholic. Your generous hearts, your openness to all, and your desire to help those in need is special and is a key part of what makes our school a true community. While all of us – students, staff, and parents – come from different backgrounds, we share the foundation of faith that allows our shared values and beliefs which make Valley Catholic a second home. Even when we are forced to foster that community through a screen, we can still feel the interconnectedness of Valley Catholic.

Please enjoy a safe and blessed Thanksgiving and know you are and will remain in our thoughts and prayers.

A few important announcements

Mr. Ney Retires
As we wrap up the first quarter, we are saying goodbye to Mr. Ney. Mr. Ney quietly retired last year after teaching at Valley Catholic for 40 years, then agreed to stay on as Mrs. Iserson’s long-term sub for the first quarter while she was out on maternity leave.  Fortunately, while Mr. Ney is now officially retired, he has also agreed to substitute on a daily basis. Mr. Ney has taught at Valley Catholic long enough to survive teaching (math) and coaching (cross country) me (Mrs. G) during my freshman year of high school. His day-to-day presence will surely be missed.

Annual Food Drive – Grades 6-12
The Food Drive is an annual tradition at Valley Catholic School.  This year the middle school will focus on collecting food by meal type versus adopting a specific family. In this way, the food bank can ultimately help more families by using any donations that are collected as needed. Donation requests will include food for several meals, including Christmas dinner.  More specific information will be provided mid-November but a general list of items that will be collected includes:

  • Breakfast: Boxes of cereal, pancake mix, breakfast bars, etc.
  • Lunch/Dinner: Macaroni and cheese, chili, peanut butter and jelly with bread, tuna fish, rice, beans, spaghetti, fruits, vegetables
  • Healthy snacks: dried fruit, nuts, bars
  • Household items: Toilet paper/paper towels, flour, sugar, salt, pepper, toothpaste and brushes, bar soap
  • Gift cards for stores that sell groceries