A Letter from the VCMS Principal – May 2023

Dear VCMS Families,

On Monday, May 1, we began the final stretch of the school year with our May Crowning. We were blessed to be able to honor Mary. In a time where countless honors and awards are presented to well-deserving people, such as the Nobel Peace Prize, Athletes and Artists of the Year, Valedictorians and the like, we also spend time remembering the person who provides us the ultimate example of how to pray and accept God’s plan. It was a very special moment to talk to the students about Mary. 

With the end of the year approaching, the calendar seems to explode with activity. From Art Fair and music concerts to dance and drama performances to social studies fairs and  Capstone. We look forward to seeing the students showcasing the efforts they put into their classes this year.

Jen Gfroerer