A Letter from the VCMS Principal – May 2021

On behalf of the entire Middle School staff, thank you for all the notes, treats, flowers and gifts you’ve sent during Teacher Appreciation Week. We sincerely appreciate the outpouring of kindness that was shown to the staff this week. While the teachers love what they do, it is always nice to be remembered and this community is so generous, it is overwhelming being on the receiving end. Thank you!

With the end of the year approaching, the calendar seems to explode with activity for students from their Social Studies, Capstone, and STEM projects to rockets to frog dissections (yuck!) and more. We look forward to seeing your students showcase the efforts they put into their classes this year, especially as many of these events were not able to happen last year.

Looking ahead, we are very grateful that we can still celebrate the eighth grade class, even if it is not through the traditional graduation Mass and ceremony. Instead, the staff and students will be going to Horning’s Hideout on Friday, June 11 (the last day of class for eighth grade). This day will include a retreat, fun activities, and the issuing of diplomas. Because we cannot accommodate the students and their immediate family members (with social distancing regulations in place), we decided to focus on ways to have the STUDENTS gather for an end-of-year celebration.

As the final wrap-up of the day, we will have students process on the outdoor stage and they will be given their diploma. We will record the event and make it available for viewing at a later time (there is no Wi-Fi available, so we cannot livestream).

I can’t help but hear the phrase “what a long strange trip it’s been” running through my head as we begin to close out the school-year. But I am grateful to be on this journey with a staff that cares so deeply for their students, with parents so willing to partner with the school, and with students so excited to be TOGETHER. (Ok, now I have High School Musical running through my brain)…. Thank you to each and every one of you who have helped make it possible for each of us to be part of the SSMO community at this particular moment in time. I know there are many who walked before us, blazing the path, as there will be many more of us, blazing new trails. We know it is all of your efforts that continue to keep the mission and heart of our campus alive and well.

Jen Gfroerer