A Letter from the VCMS Principal – March 2021

Dear VCMS Families,

The middle school staff and I hope the first week of in-person academic classes was fun and exciting for your students.  This week VCMS transitioned from limited in-person activities that focused on social, emotional, physical and spiritual sides of our program, to hybrid learning with half of the core subjects taught in person. I am grateful for the tremendous support and positive energy we have received from families as I know this has impacted your daily routines as well.

It has been exciting to watch the students start their in-person classes, and to witness the wealth of expertise, experience and enthusiasm exhibited by the VCMS teachers. We are blessed to have such a strong teaching staff that not only understands middle school students, but they also love what they do. No one who signed up for teaching could have imagined that Zoom lessons would become a year of their life’s experience. Yet, the VCMS staff is so passionate about their students, and the return to classroom learning has been a joy for all of us.

So, even when the drop-off line runs longer than expected, or when a teacher is double-booked for duties, or when there are technology glitches in “borrowed” teaching spaces, I am reminded that each day here with students is a gift.

Thank you for being a part of this gift, for choosing VCMS for your students, and for helping us build a community that exemplifies the SSMO core values. Now more than ever, we are grateful to be working at Valley Catholic School and have the opportunity to get to know each and every one of your students – whether it is in-person or still via Zoom.

Jen Gfroerer