Dear Parents,

On behalf of the staff, we would like to wish you a blessed, healthy and happy 2022. The students and staff alike are excited to be back at school after the Christmas holiday.

As we start the New Year, VCMS welcomes Ms. Chelsea Metzger as a co-teacher for sixth grade STEM classes.  Ms. Metzger has a strong background in teaching math and science, and earned a bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in environmental studies from the University of North Florida.  Please join us in welcoming Ms. Metzger to Valley Catholic.

Final Exams

Final exams are comprehensive tests that are given at the end of each semester, and will take place for Middle School students during the week of January 24 – 28.  Most final exams last for one hour.  However, the final exams for the higher level classes, such as math, world language, and most eighth grade classes last one hour and fifteen minutes.

The final exams will cover material from several units of study and may cover everything taught within this school year so far.  The final exam will not cover new material. In addition, all students will take a writing assessment during finals week. 

We want each and every student to be successful and to develop the tools he or she will need once they move onto high school.  By using the class time, completing the study guide and related assignments, we expect most students to approach finals with confidence and to see the results in their score.  


Jennifer Gfroerer