A Letter from the VCMS Principal – April 2023

Dear VCMS Families,

This time of year is particularly special as we celebrate Holy Week with the students and staff. During Lent we were able to follow a Stations of the Cross for Teens compiled by JSerra Lion Report. 

This rendition is particularly impactful as the reflection after each station focuses on topics that resonate with middle school students. For example, here is the first station:

 The First Station: Jesus is Condemned to death

There you stand before the crowd after being beaten. You never deny yourself, yet humbly accept the punishment given to you by those who had witnessed your miracles. It’s easy to look at this scene now and think, ‘How could they have accused you and condemned you to death? All you did was love every person you met.’ Yet they are not alone in their condemnation of you.  

How often do I ignore you at school in the person no one wants to talk to? How often do my words condemn you in the way that I speak about others? It was not only the Jews and Pontius Pilate who condemned you, but I stand next to them shouting just as loud, ‘Crucify Him!”

Jesus, forgive me for the ways in which I condemn and pierce others with my words and actions. Help me to love like you and to learn from your example. 

Each morning for the past fourteen days, we began the day pondering one Station, along with its corresponding reflection. These reflections were then carried into the classrooms and discussed throughout the Lenten season

Traditionally, we are in school on Good Friday until Holy Hours begin. Holy Hours are noon until 3 p.m. on Good Friday. As Catholics, these hours are a time when we remember Jesus’ trial, scourging, crowning of thorns and the crucifixion.

Our campus was silent through the traditional hour of Jesus’ death (3 p.m.) and staff was encouraged to not check email during the Easter weekend. 

We hope you had a special Easter weekend with your families.

Jen Gfroerer