A Letter from the VCHS Principal – September 2021

It’s A Rebuilding Year

In the world of athletics, the statement “It’s a rebuilding year” doesn’t always inspire confidence about the success of an upcoming season. It usually means that there are many new or less experienced players who will have to take on prominent roles. It might mean that there has been a change in the ‘system’ being implemented and there will be a steep learning curve. No matter the reason, the phrase doesn’t usually correlate with high expectations.

Well, the high expectations of Valley Catholic High School are still in play yet, due to circumstances beyond our control, it is a rebuilding year.

The seniors are the only students who have ever completed a full year of learning on campus – and that was during their freshman year. How’s that for having a team of new or less experienced players?

We are introducing a new daily bell schedule that incorporates block classes and an early dismissal day, as well as implementing a 1:1 MacBook program. Did somebody say steep learning curve?

In spite of what I wrote in the opening paragraph, I think that a rebuilding year is full of great opportunities and that, in many ways, this is the time to raise expectations.

This is a perfect opportunity for us to re-introduce, re-emphasize, and re-live the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Core Values. This is a time to have our students reconnect with one another and with the staff. It’s a year to re-build confidence, connection, and community. It is a time to be even more intentional about how we spend our time together and what we hope to achieve.

Rebuilding takes work. My expectation is that we, students and staff, will all show up each week ready to work at this rebuilding process and that in June we will be able to look back and say that the rebuilding we did enabled us to live more valiantly, strive for excellence more consistently, honor each other’s gifts more fully, and celebrate God and life more joyfully.

It’s a rebuilding year. Amen!

Doug Ierardi