A Letter from the VCHS Principal – October 2021

One in the Books

We’ve been back to school for a month. And what a great month it was.

First and foremost, I am thankful for a relatively healthy return to school for our students and staff. I say relatively because it is that time of year when, as the weather changes, we tend to get a case or two of the sniffles. The good news, though, is that none of our illnesses have been COVID related and absences have been short-lived. My position continues to be that our practices, your choices, and God’s blessing have all contributed to our success.

If you have been to any games this year you should have noticed a resurgence of the Blue Crew. Students have been turning out to support each other in great numbers and have done a great job with our themed nights. Most recently, our Glitter Gray Out for volleyball, which was also CYO Night, was a great success. Dressing in tin foil? Yeah…that’s VC Spirit. And the Purple Outs to support Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) were also amazing. Who knew students could own or find that much purple, including a one-piece body suit?

Speaking of CCA, what a great show of support from our students and families. We raised more than $3,000 to support CCA during our Purple Out Week. Thank you to all the students and families that donated through the Dollars for Dutch student contest and the QR code donations at the soccer and volleyball games. We also had a great student and staff turnout for the Walk for Joy with hundreds of students from all the metro-area catholic high schools.

This past Sunday we had the Valley Catholic High School Open House. The set-up and take-down crew and our student ambassadors were fantastic. Our student athletes were great spokespeople for our programs. Charisma and the choir, as always, had great performances, and the pep band was rockin’.

The student support for this event was invaluable. It was great to return to a live event. We had a record number of families attend, and all of our students did a tremendous job representing themselves, their families, and the school.
It was a great first month. Put that one in the books.

Doug Ierardi