A Trying Time

Another letter about how difficult these times are? Nope. I’m going in a different direction. I’m trying to forget, just for a moment, that these might be, as Thomas Paine wrote, the times that try men’s souls. Instead, I’d like to see this as a time to be open to trying. I hope that our community can find unique ways to try new things, and to feed our souls.

Here are some things that might be worth a try
Maybe try a new restaurant (if you’re inclined to dine out during a pandemic). If not, maybe try a new recipe at home – even if the kids won’t like it.

Try listening to a different genre of music. There’s more music out there than just classic rock from the 80s and it’s pretty easy these days, thanks to technology, to listen to everything from Blue Grass to Opera to Big Band.

How about going for a walk in a different neighborhood? Too adventurous? Well how about just walking the same route but in the opposite direction? Maybe you’ll notice something new.

Learn a new card game, buy a new board game to play with the family, or try a classic game like horseshoes. Yes, I’m still a bit disappointed that more students don’t sign up to pitch horseshoes during our student activity evenings – especially since it’s my activity.

Try to pray differently. Try meditation or the Lectio Divina (one of my favorites). Try the Rosary or even just resting in God’s presence.

Take up a new hobby. Maybe learn an instrument. You could try learning how to Texas two-step, or learn the correct order of the Macarena motions, or you could ‘Do the Hustle’ all in the privacy of your own home. You don’t have to become a resident expert. Just enjoy the experience and have fun with it.

Try to make a funny video (heaven knows Mrs. Gates and I are trying). Getting people to smile or laugh these days is definitely worth a try.

There are innumerable things out there to try so why not make this a trying time.

Doug Ierardi