A Letter from the VCHS Principal – June 2021

Congratulations to our Seniors
Congratulations to the graduating class of 2021 and to all their families. You have sacrificed so much of your time, talent, and treasure – for which I am most thankful. As a parent of a 2021 graduate, I have found that each year seems to go by more quickly than the last. However, I am not sure that holds true for this past year, which at times seems to have been painfully long as we navigated the constant twists and turns of education during a pandemic. We navigated those twists and turns and did our best to remain Family Unbroken. This next year holds many changes for each student, parent, and family. May God’s blessings be on each of you as you embark on and embrace what lies ahead.

Congratulations also to our Valedictorians.
This year we commend four students for their overall academic success. All four have maintained a 4.0 GPA. Their achievements, of course, have not been limited to the classroom. They have shared their varied gifts through their extra-curricular involvement with our community and we are that much more blessed because of it. Whether in the classroom, on the court, field, stage, or in service to the community, these students certainly have reflected the Core Values of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon. Congratulations to Kyla Albertson, Paul Lille, Lilianna Rosebrook, and Cameron Wilder.

Changes for Next Year
Beyond the adoption of our one-to-one MacBook program, we are also making a significant change to the high school schedule for next year.

Administrative discussions about adopting a modified block schedule had begun prior to COVID-19. We have landed on a model that will meet the needs of the High School as well as work in conjunction with both the Elementary and Middle Schools on campus.

We are planning to return to school in the fall with few restrictions or disruptions to daily operations. If this is the case, then we will adopt our modified block schedule.

Next year the High school will return, for most days, to a 7-period day (plus 0 period). 0 period will begin at 8:00 a.m. and the first period of the day will begin at 8:45 a.m., as was the case prior to distance learning. Two days a week, however, will be block days. Block classes will be 82 minutes long.

0 period will not be part of the block schedule. 0 period will begin at 8:00 a.m. and will meet every day. Tuesday will be a block day with time scheduled for Advisory or other meetings. Tuesday will also be an early release day (2:15 p.m.). One benefit of the early dismissal is that students and teachers/coaches will miss less class time due to athletic dismissals. It also allows more time for department and faculty professional development and provides additional opportunities for students and teachers to meet.

More details about the changes for our returning families, will be published in upcoming editions of the Valiant View as well as Back to School communications.

The High School library will also get a renovation this summer. With the introduction of a 1:1 program, the library space will undergo some significant changes to its space, making it more functional not only for the students but also for other entities that use that space for various meetings and presentations.

More Changes for Next Year
Many of you already know that Mrs. Joyaux will be retiring. You might not have heard that we are also bidding a fond farewell to some other long-time staff members. Mrs. Terner, Mr. Sobotka, and Mrs. Holloway are also not returning to campus in the fall. We thank them for their service to our school and community and thank them for their years of service and commitment to the SSMO Core Values.

Summer Office Hours
The Main Office at the High School will be open limited hours over the summer – traditionally Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Doug Ierardi, Principal