A Letter from the VCHS Principal – February 2022

A new semester. A fresh start.
Second semester can be an exciting time because we get the opportunity for a new beginning. For all the students, grades start anew. If there are study habits that need to change, now is the time. If a student needs to find a way to balance their commitments, now is the time. Many students change teachers at the semester and have the opportunity to learn new things in new ways.

I, like many of the teachers, get a new group of students. I view it as a chance to refine my curriculum, find out more about students that I have never taught before, and create new experiences and memories, especially with my senior students who begin their final semester at VCHS. 

Thank you, parents and students, for a wonderful first half of the year. I pray we can have as blessed a second semester as we had first. I am also confident that we will continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of pandemic education.


Doug Ierardi, Principal

Congratulations to Mr. Haugen.

Mr. Haugen received word that his article on William B. Mumford, the only person executed for treason during the Civil War, will be published later this year in the journal Louisiana History which is run by Louisiana State University and the Louisiana Historical Association. The full title of the article is Patriotic Fervor, the Civil War Press, and the Execution of William B. Mumford. Congratulations, Mr. Haugen.