A Letter from the VCHS Principal – April 2021

A Time of Resurrection

As we celebrate the joy of the Easter Season I can’t help think that, in some small ways, we, at school, are entering our own period of resurrection and new life.

It has been a very long year. We had to retreat from our school lives, our extra-curricular lives, and even our family lives, as many families reduced their travel to simple but necessary trips to the store. While there may have been blessings found during this last year there were certainly daily doses of challenges which, at times, might have brought many to their knees, nearly to submission. It might have felt as if we were in the tomb.

Now, as we celebrate the joy of the Risen Christ, we are starting to find joy in the measured return to the “ordinary.” A return to school a full five days a week beginning on April 19th will continue to breathe new life into students and staff alike. At least I hope so.

While we proceed with caution, we will continue with hope and a new sense of life – one that we have been waiting for since last March. I hope this new life and new spirit continue to grow in both students and staff. That we can rebuild our community to be one that lives valiantly, strives for excellence, honors the unique gifts of one another, and celebrates God and life.

Doug Ierardi, Principal