A Letter from the VCES Principal – October 2022

Dear VCES Families,

As the first month of school comes to a close, I can’t help but express my gratitude to everyone in our school community. Our first month has been an absolute delight. Having students, families and teachers gather for our ice cream social, inviting parents to walk their children into the school building, and celebrating Mass and prayer services in the Motherhouse Chapel are just a few of the things we are so excited to have back this year! We look forward to all of the things this school year will bring.

This month we are excited to host our Jog-a-Thon. This event is not just a fundraiser, but a time for all of our students to come together as a community and celebrate. We will also have our first class buddy activity in nearly three years. Older students act as leaders in our school by partnering with a younger buddy and assisting them in various activities and projects throughout the year. This helps older students learn leadership, and fosters a sense of community outside of particular grade levels and among everyone in our school. We are also looking forward to a tradition of third graders celebrating the month of the Rosary, by hosting a special prayer service for us to learn and pray together.

Thank you to all who make our beautiful community so special!

In Christ,