A Letter from the VC Music School Director – September 2022

Private lesson online registration is open! We are accepting new and continuing students for: piano, violin, cello, guitar, harp, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trombone (new) and voice. In-person lessons will be offered for most instruments. Some instructors may teach online only or a combination of online and in-person. 

Visit our website to complete your registration. Because this is a new registration platform, everyone will need to create a new account in order to register. Music School accounts are independent of any accounts you may have existing at VC. Lessons begin the week of Monday, Sept. 19. 

Our instructors will be working on the new school year schedule during the next two weeks. Sign up now to start the new school year on a positive musical note! 

Valley Catholic Music Class Registration

We are excited to welcome two new instructors this year.  

Rosie Jeong Kim, Violin

Kyle Molitor, Trombone

NEW! Theory and Composition 1 and 2

Mr. Palmeter, one of our piano instructors created a new class for students interested in learning more about the music they are playing. This is the foundation for any musician.   Open to all students regardless of instrument.  

Theory and Composition 1: 10 spots available – $249.00

Instructor:  Albert Palmeter

The theory class will consist of: Interval training, scales, chords, ear-training, and how to write a melody (elementary composition). Visit, Valley Catholic Music School Programs on our website to learn more. 

Theory and Composition 2: 10 spots available – $249.00

Day and Time TBD

This 10-week class is designed for students who have taken Theory and Comp 1 or those who have previous experience upon recommendation.

Each student will have their own keyboard to learn more about theory and writing their own music. Bring your iPad or laptop and personal ear buds or headphones.

Before registering, contact: 

Scholarship Awardees have been announced! Thank all of our students who participated. Everyone worked very hard to prepare and perform their piece. Congratulations to all of our scholarship awardees:

Elementary School (6 awardees at $150.00 each) 

Mihika G., Voice, Grade 4, Instructor: Sr. Juliana Monti

Oliver K., Drums, Grade 5, Instructor: Sr. Juliana Monti

Allison K., Harp, Grade 3, Instructor: Misty Williams

Nikhil K., Piano, Grade 5, Instructor: Seung Min Oh

Joseph S., Piano, Grade 5, Instructor: Albert Palmeter

Riena S., Violin, Grade 5, Instructor: Chris Swanson

Middle School (6 awardees at $150.00 each) 

Ellie K., Harp, Grade 8, Instructor: Misty Williams

Zora P., Piano, Grade 8, Instructor: Rebecca Schappert

Matthew R., Piano, Grade 7, Instructor: Junko Gilliland

Olivia S., Flute, Grade 7, Instructor: Beckie Hocker

Morgan T., Flute, Grade 8, Instructor: Beckie Hocker

Sophia V., Piano, Grade 9, Instructor: Rebecca Schappert

High School (5 awardees at $250.00 each)

Chloe C., Flute, Grade 11, Instructor: Beckie Hocker

Hana N., Violin, Grade 10, Instructor: Chris Swanson

Eliza S., Harp, Grade 9, Instructor: Misty Williams

Daphne T., Harp, Grade 10, Instructor: Misty Williams

Veronica V., Harp, Grade 9, Instructor: Misty Williams

Diane Kinkade Memorial Fund (Top score in each category: Wind, Strings, Piano, Voice – regardless of grade, $325 each)

Piano: Karen K., Grade 3, Instructor: Seung Min Oh

Wind: Ayush W., Flute, Grade 11, Instructor: Beckie Hocker

Strings: Leila S., Harp, Grade 7, Instructor: Misty Williams

Voice: Rebecca N., Grade 7, Instructor: Sr. Juliana Monti

Recital Dates for 2022-23 will be announced by Sept. 19, 2022. Recital months are November, February and April.

If you would like to learn more about VC Music School, visit valleycatholic.org/valley-catholic-music-school or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also email me direct at [email protected].