A Letter from the VC Music School Director – June 2022

Summer Music Camp: Registration for VCMuS Summer Music Camp closes on Monday, June 6. Please consider joining us during the week of June 20 to 24, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day. No previous music experience is required. We are open to everyone who wants to learn and share the joys of music together. The camp is designed with a rotation of four instruments (piano, recorder, violin and voice), with special segments offered each day. The camp is best suited for grades K-6. Tuition is $395 per student. Visit http://ssmo.bonzidev.com/musicschoolsummercamp, to register today. 

NEW! Theory and Composition, an 8-week summer course with instructor Albert Palmeter, starts on Thursday, June 30. Only 10 spots available.
The class meets weekly from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Cost is $199.

The theory class will consist of interval training, scales, chords, ear training, and how to write a melody (elementary composition). Each student will have their own keyboard to learn more about theory and writing their own music.

Scholarship Auditions:

Scholarship Audition videos are due by Friday, June 3. Winners will be announced by Aug. 31.

The highest scores in voice, piano, strings and winds will receive a $325.00 scholarship.

In addition to that, scholarships are available at each school level:

Elementary students: Six awards at $150.00 each

Middle school students: Six awards at $150.00 each

High school students: Five awards at $250.00 each

These scholarships have been generously funded through the Diane Kinkade Memorial Fund, an endowment that comes directly from the Kinkade family. Only one scholarship award per student.