A Letter from the VC Music School Director – June 2021

Dear Music School Community,

Virtual Honors Recital

WE ARE LIVE! Please see the links below to enjoy our first and hopefully only “Virtual” Honors Recital. While there is nothing like playing music for a live audience, this is the next best thing we could do to show case some of our students and their performances for 2021. I want to thank the students and families who participated, along with their music instructors on helping each student prepare for this performance. Bravo to all! We look forward to seeing you all in person next year! For now, we hope you enjoy the recital with your family and friends!

Scholarship Auditions
Over 40 participants submitted an audition piece at the end of May! We have some very talented young musicians in our Music School. They have displayed much hard work and practice to prepare for the Scholarship Auditions. Announcement of the awardees will be by August 31, 2021. Awardees will receive the following:

Elementary School Students: Six awardees at $150.00 each
Middle School Students:  Six awardees at $150.00 each
High School Students:  Five awardees at $250.00 each

In addition, the awardees with the highest scores in the following categories: voice, piano, strings and winds; will receive a $325.00 scholarship from the Diane Kinkade Memorial Fund. These special scholarships come directly from a new endowment fund set up by the Kinkade family to fund Music School scholarships. Only one scholarship award is granted per student.

Summer Lesson Schedule
No additional registration will be required. You may simply continue lessons with your instructor during the summer months. Registrations will only be required for NEW students. Summer lessons will formally begin on Monday, June 14 and continue through Friday, September 3, 2021. The Music School will then have a 2-week break. All lessons resuming on Monday, September 20, 2021. Fall registration will be open by June 30, 2021.

Summer Music Camp
We are sad to announce that we will have to postpone camp one more year due to several obstacles we are experiencing. We know this is a wonderful camp filled with fun, games, and so much sharing of musical gifts. We are going to take this time to evaluate and develop an even better camp for our campus and surrounding community. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

If you would like to learn more about what we do at VC Music School, please visit our website at http://valleycatholic.org/valley-catholic-music-school/ or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or email me direct at [email protected]. We hope to share our musical talents with YOU!

Beckie Hocker
Director of Music