Happy New Year, Music School Families!

We hope you all had a wonderful and restful holiday season and are energized for the new year! We are continuing to prepare our students for upcoming recitals, syllabus advancement in piano and solo & ensemble competitions in the spring. There is much to prepare, practice and plan for upcoming performances. February is our next recital month! Thank you again for allowing us to be part of your journey and trusting in us to provide excellent music education. 



Mila Bada, piano instructor, has been with VC Music School for over 15 years. Her genuine love of music and her students is clear in her approach to teaching. Mila is gentle, kind, loving and patient. She is positive, encouraging and so supportive in helping her students’ progress and appreciate music. Mila, thank you for being part of our instructional staff!



Mila Bada graduated from the University of Santo Tomas High School (run by the Dominican Orders of Preachers). Located in Manila, Philippines, the university was established in 1611 and is the oldest university in Asia. Ms. Bada graduated with a bachelor’s degree in music and an associate’s degree in arts (music) from the Philippine Women’s University, home of the world-renowned Bayanihan Dance Troupe, where she has been an active participant in dance, choir and the instrumentalist group. She was taught by the music director, the dean of the Conservatory of Music. Her graduation recital was Concerto in F, no. 5, by Camille Saint-Saens, with Manila Phil-Harmonic Symphony. Her junior/associate recital was Concerto in A major, no. 488 by Mozart.

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