A Letter from the VC Music School Director – December 2021

Dear Music School Families,

We want to express how much we appreciate our Music School families. We understand the commitment and dedication it takes in supporting one’s musical path. Thank you for being there for your children and providing them with the confidence, love and belief that all of those hours of practice will someday become beautiful music. The journey can be long, but we are here with you to help guide and instill the love of music for a lifetime.

We wish all of our families a wonderful holiday season and blessed New Year!


Anson Wright

The Music School is pleased to highlight Anson Wright, Guitar instructor. He has been with the VC Music School for more than six years. We are incredibly fortunate to have a guitar instructor of his caliber, accomplishment and talent. In addition to being an amazing musician, Mr. Wright is also a published author. Please enjoy reading his bio below.

“Jazz guitarist, composer, novelist, poet, and educator; Anson Wright has performed throughout the United States and abroad, including India. A graduate of Princeton, he left graduate studies at Columbia to pursue both music and literary careers. In addition to his three featured jazz CD’s, including his December 2019 CD, Only Love, he has authored three books. His poetry was set to music in the 2008 spoken-word CD, The Sky At Our Feet. Anson has studied with Howard Roberts, Jerry Hahn, John Stowell and many others. He has taught at numerous schools including New York University, Pacific University, and Portland Community College.” www.ansonwright.com

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