Valley Catholic High School 1:1 MacBook Program

The Valley Catholic High School 1:1 MacBook Program provides Valiant students access to digital resources both on and off campus. This program is combined with the school’s traditional classroom instruction to provide students with a well-rounded learning experience. 

VCHS chose MacBook Air laptops because they are useful devices for creating, innovating and consuming content. Its creative software gives each student an immersive, interactive and creative learning environment. It also gives students experience with the tools they will use each day as both college students and professionals. 

Program particpation

Every high school student receives a MacBook Air Laptop, charger and case. The devices and accessories are property of Valley Catholic High School.  

They are distributed at the beginning of each year during registration and returned after final exams.

VCHS is committed to an equitable learning experience for every student. Equipping all students with the same device and same applications enables all Valiants to strive for excellence.

Costs and funding

The cost of the program is included with tuition. Financial aid is available to families who qualify. 

Damaged devices

All repairs to damaged devices or accessories are done through the school’s service program. 

If a device is damaged (i.e., cracked screen), VCHS will charge $100 for the first repair, $200 for the second repair and $300 for any repairs after that. No charge will be issued if damages are caused by a factory defect. 

 Damaged or lost accessories will be replaced through the service program for $30. 

Parents as partners

VCS parents are important partners in building a safe and healthy educational experience for students. VCS encourages parents to:

  • Talk with their children about appropriate internet, social media, and device usage
  • Review the program expectations with their children
  • Set healthy boundaries for their children